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Waste Types

Acceptable Waste (Construction & Demolition Waste)

The wastes listed below can be accepted in our construction and demolition waste skips and hook bins. These wastes can be recycled, re-used or repurposed so that they don't end up in landfills. 

Bricks, pavers, tiles, ceramics, concrete and masonry


Clean Soil


Gypsum materials including plasterboard

Metals (including steel and aluminium)


Timber and wood products

Unacceptable Waste

The wastes listed here cannot be accepted as construction and demolition waste. We may still be able to help you dispose of these but not in our typical C&D Bins.


If you need to dispose of anything in this list please call us first on 07 3878 7533 to make special arrangements.

Cold Room Panels or Sandwich Panels

Combustible Waste including but not limited to stored energy devices (e.g batteries, powder-actuated charges, flares) or pressure vessels (e.g. gas bottles)

Engineered stone benchtops and quartz benchtops

General waste destined for landfill

Hazardous Wastes (such as asbestos, contaminated soil, grease trap waste and lead compounds)

Liquids (e.g. paints, oil, adhesives, solvents or slurries)

PFAS containing wastes (e.g. textiles and mattreses)


Powders and Dust (such as cement powder or silica dust)

Putrescible Waste (e.g. food waste)

Solar Panels

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