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Bulk Waste Haulage

We have a number of clients that require RAW Skips to supply bins to their customers.

How It Works

  • RAW Skips supplies bins to your customers as instructed by you and we service the bins either on demand or on a schedule

Equipment Options

  • Skip Bins (from 3m3 to 8m3 skip bins)

  • Hook Bins (from 15m3 to 40m3 hook bins)

  • Truck and Dog hook bin trailers (up to 40m3 per bin)

  • Semi-tipper trailers for medium density materials

  • Semi-tipper trailers in hard body suitable for rock

  • Walking Floor Trailer suitable for lightweight materials

Suitable Wastes

  • Production Destruction

  • By-products produced as a result of a primary production or manufacturing process

  • Residual wastes produced from recycling and resource recovery operations

Please contact our sales team for a solution which fits your needs

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