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RAW Skips is passionate about recycling and re-use. Waste received in our construction and demolition waste bins will eventually end up at our purpose built resource recovery facility at Caboolture.

 RAW Skips does not own or operate any landfills and our goal is to divert as much away from landfill as possible by finding homes where they can be recycled, re-used or re-purposed. 

Through our associated businesses we are able to re-sell these waste products as resources in the form of recycled building products and precast concrete blocks made from recycled materials.  


AKM Earth sells recycled building materials in the forms of sands and gravels which are produced from construction and demolition waste. This provides an alternative to quarrying virgin material out of the ground to use for landscaping and construction. 


Precast Concrete Aust is our in-house precast concrete manufacturing business which uses recycled materials and rainwater to produce precast concrete products with a wide array of applications. 

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