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Product Destruction

We have a number of clients that require RAW Skips to transport out of specification products to various locations for the purpose of product destruction. This could be our depot or a third party facility nominated by you. Once complete we provide a certificate of destruction. The destroyed products now no longer offers brand liability and, in many cases, can be re-used or recycled for a beneficial purpose. 


How It Works

  • RAW Skips supplies bins to you and you fill them with the products that you want destroyed.

  • The bins are provided either on demand or on a schedule.

  • Once the bin is full we transport it to a depot (which can be ours, yours or a nominated third party) and the product is destroyed. The process is documented and a certificate of destruction can be supplied for each load.

Equipment Options

  • We have primary shredding capacity tough enough to break down almost anything. This machine uses a 900Hp motor creating massive torque and slow rotation at 28 – 40 RPM.

    • Maximum in feed particle size 1m*1m*1m

    • Size reduction to ≤ 300mm

  • We have secondary shredding capacity to reduce the size further or for materials that don’t require the extreme destructive forces of a primary shredder. This machine uses a 650Hp motor creating massive torque and slow rotation at 28 – 40 RPM

    • Maximum in feed particle size 0.5m*0.5m*0.5m

    • Size reduction to ≤ 85mm

  • We have crushing capacity for items that are better suited to crushing rather than shredding.

    • Maximum in feed particle size 0.7m*0.7m*0.7m

    • Size reduction to ≤ 100mm

Please contact our sales team for a solution which fits your needs

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