Waste Types

Waste Types

RAW Skios is committed to improving the environment with our extensive recycling and recovery operations. We provide easy solutions for you to dispose of your waste, while we work to sort and recover your waste to be recycled for other uses, minimising our impact on landfill.

We encourage you to minimise contamination by ordering the right skip bin for your needs, allowing us to provide more clean, renewable materials for reuse.

The following provides a guide on bin types:

Bin Type


General household and backyard waste, including electronics and appliances

Clothing, Toys, Paper, Kitchen Utensils, Furniture & Appliances, Cupboards, Cabinets, Lounges, Fridges, Washing Machines, Computer Monitors, Hard Drives, Printers

General garden organic tree and plant waste

Leaves, Grass Clippings, pruning’s, Palm Fronds, Shrubs & Twigs, Wood Chips & Bark, Timber Fence Palings, Tree Trunks, Dirt / Soil Waste, Sand, Soil & Clay.

Construction and Demolition
Waste from home or site construction or demolition

Dry Treated & Untreated Wood, Dry Gyprock, Dry Carpet, Tools, Dried paint in tins, Bricks, Concrete, Tiles, Bricks, Clean & Broken Concrete, Rocks, Dirt, Pebbles, Asphalt,  Roof & Floor Tiles, Concrete Blocks, Scrap Metals & Batteries

Hard Fill
Any type of dirt, soil, concrete or brick materials

Soil, sand, clay, bricks, blocks, concrete

Important guidelines

Certain types of waste are prohibited as they may be hazardous (such as asbestos) or dangerous materials. These items should not be placed in the skip bins. If necessary, please speak to us directly to find out how to dispose of the item safely for the environment and others.

Prohibited Substance


EPA regulated waste or dangerous goods

Flammable goods, sharps, empty chemical containers



Materials subject to decay

Food, perishable goods

Liquids (whether contained or not)

Paint, oils, chemicals (dried paint in cans is acceptable), solvents, chemicals, pool chemicals, sharps, empty chemical containers